Ewan Grantham | Canyonlands National Park

A Portfolio of my Photos from Canyonlands National Park
Early Morning and there is a Dramatic Sky to Greet UsJust Inside the Park, Someone Seems to have had some Time on their HandsDriving through the Park can be a bit TryingDots of Green Among and Orange and Ochre LandscapeOld Branches Still Reach for the SkyOverlook Showing How Far We've Come AlreadySmall Puddles in the Midst of an Arid LandscapeA Small Mound is Surrounded by PuddlesInteresting Shapes For Branches and GrassesMore of the Features at CanyonlandsAn Early Shot of One of the Roads Leading into the Lower Sections of CanyonlandsU-shaped Erosion Begins the Start of Another CanyonB&W Study of shapesMore of the Winding Road Down into the Lower SectionsLooking Out to Where the Road Crosses the PlateausB&W Study of BranchesDramatic Sky and Dramatic FeaturesOne of the More Stunning Shots of the Canyons Looking to the Far PlateausSteep Walls Along the Butte of the OverlookMiles More of Canyons and Sky