Ewan Grantham | San Antonio Botanical Garden

Entrance to the San Antonio Botanical GardensInitial Garden just past the Entrance with a view of one of the Large GreenhousesClose up of a purple flower bloomingChildren's play area in the Botanical GardensEntrance to the Children's Section of the Botanical GardensPicnic Spot in the Children's Section of the Botanical GardensClose up of another purple flower in bloomView of another one of the Large Greenhouses at the San Antonio Botanical GardensClose up of a yellow flower in bloomMix of flowering blooms near the trail through the Children's sectionSculpture at the top of the small hill in the Children's SectionYellow flower in bloomTaking a look at the Palm's Greenhouse from across the small lake in the main section of the GardensBack side of the Desert Greenhouse at the Botanical GardensBlooming cluster of yellow and red flowers along the trailCloseup of a purple and red flower along the trailBirdbath along the trailView of the Palm's Greenhouse from a different angleOne of the blooms inside the Rainforest GreenhouseWhite bloom inside the Rainforest Greenhouse